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Desiderata School is an independent, private school that has been serving students and the community since 1989. We offer Umbrella School services and support for homeschooling families. Using Desiderata as your Umbrella School offers you the opportunity to retain complete control over your student's education while easily meeting the State of Colorado's compulsory attendance and records requirements. We firmly believe that anywhere learning takes place is a classroom and families have the right to make their own educational decisions.

Benefits of enrolling your student with Desiderata School

  • Retain complete control over your student's education

  • No testing or assessments are required

  • Attendance and transcript record keeping

  • No required notification of intent to homeschool with your local school district

  • Official high school transcripts from an accredited private school

  • Accredited high school diploma upon graduation

  • Curriculum support, if needed


Desiderata School is accredited by the National Commission on Exceptional Schools (NCES)

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