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Grades 6 though 12

Onsite Program 

Low Student to Instructor Ratio

No Homework

Low Technology Use

Now Accepting New Students

Home School Support 

K - 12

Adult Diploma Program

Now Enrolling for
School Year!

Our Mission


Desiderata School is accredited by the National Commission on Exceptional Schools (NCES)


Desiderata School’s mission is to support and foster young minds using a variety of techniques, resources, and approaches. Students are encouraged to learn concepts and subjects in ways specific to their own understanding, which builds self-esteem and confidence. By all definitions of a micro school, we fit the bill. Desiderata School is a re-imagining of the one room school house.


Desiderata School has been serving students and the community since 1989 and we believe that educational success is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school, teachers, and community. We believe that an effective education must support the whole child. Desiderata School uses customized courses that can be tailored to each student, along with personalized learning schedules. Desiderata School also offers an Umbrella Program for home school families. We firmly believe that any place in which learning takes place is a classroom. We strive to give our students ownership of their education by placing the emphasis of our programs on developing critical thinkers capable of not only learning, but also able to identify information needed, locate viable resources, and apply information gathered to problem solving. Desiderata is deeply committed to treating each student as an individual and thus developing innovative, personalized strategies in an effort to ensure that the students in our program are never left behind. 

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