Desiderata School offers home school support and distance learning for all grades K through 12. We do this through our umbrella school offering and/or distance learning using our customized courses that can be tailored to each student, along with personalized learning schedules. We firmly believe that any place in which learning takes place is a classroom.

If you need support in an area not listed below, please let us know as we're flexible in our offerings.

Home School and Umbrella Options

  • Attendance Records 

  • Transcript Records

  • Annual transcripts provided upon request

  • Field trip opportunities 

  • Freedom and choice of your own curriculum 

  • Hybrid Learning Schedules (part time onsite/part time at home)

  • Curriculum support

  • Consultation 

  • Support from an accredited private school, freedom to school as you choose

Using Desiderata as your Umbrella School offers you the opportunity to home school your students while easily meeting the State of Colorado's compulsory attendance and records requirements. You have the freedom to choose your own curriculum and learning schedules and we maintain your school records and files. Desiderata also offers accredited transcripts and diplomas.

Distance Learning

  • All course work is provided 

  • Desiderata staff are available to support students

  • Students who can complete coursework in under traditionally allotted time-frames may receive credit and move on. 

  • Students who struggle in a subject and require more time to meet mastery levels may take the time to do so

  • Options for hybrid learning schedules (part time onsite/part time at home)

Desiderata's distance learning provides parents and students with guidance and support to complete provided course work off-site. All curriculum and assignments are provided along with staff support and resources. Desiderata is deeply committed to treating each student as an individual and thus developing innovative, personalized strategies in an effort to ensure that the students in our program are never left behind. We also offer online Electives and Enrichment classes.