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Desiderata School offers home school support for all grades K through 12. An umbrella school is private school enrollment that allows parents to educate their children at home using any curriculum or methodology of their choice.  We firmly believe that any place in which learning takes place is a classroom.

If you need support in an area not listed below, please let us know as we're flexible in our offerings.

Home School and Umbrella Program

  • Attendance Records 

  • Transcript Records

  • Freedom and choice of your own curriculum 

  • Curriculum support, if needed

  • No testing or assessments are required

  • Consultation

  • Support from an accredited private school, freedom to school as you choose

  • Accredited High School Diploma Upon Graduation

Using Desiderata as your Umbrella School offers you the opportunity to retain complete control over your student's education while easily meeting the State of Colorado's compulsory attendance and records requirements. Students are technically private school students and report to the school instead of the school district. You have the freedom to choose your own curriculum and learning schedules and we maintain your school records and files. No testing or assessments are required. Desiderata also offers accredited transcripts and diplomas.

2022/2023 Umbrella Fee Schedule

Annual Enrollment fee              $200.00                                   Graduation fee              $75.00            

Umbrella Program                   $35.00 per month

Consultations                          $75.00 per hour

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