Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

When can students enroll?

Desiderata School has year round enrollment. If the school is at capacity, students will be added to our wait list and contacted when/if a spot becomes available.

Does Desiderata School offer scholarships for financial aid?

Desiderata School values all students, regardless of ability to pay. The Board of Directors is committed to assisting families. The amount of financial assistance awarded to each qualifying family is based on financial need and availability of scholarship funds. Financial assistance is limited to program fees. Families receiving assistance are responsible for expenses that become due during the school year (field trip fees, for example) as well as the annual enrollment fee. Scholarships are subject to be reviewed each year and are NOT automatically renewed. *Financial information submitted for review by the Financial Aid Committee and financial aid awards are strictly confidential.

Is Desiderata School accredited?

Yes. Desiderata School is fully accredited by The National Commission for Exceptional Schools. The NCES is recognized as an accreditation agency by The Federal Department of Education as well as The Colorado Department of Education. You can read about their Accreditation Standards here.

Does Desiderata School offer a sibling discount?

We do offer a discount for families enrolling more than one student.

Can my student attend a university with a diploma from Desiderata School?

Yes! You can see a full list of Colleges and Universities where Desiderata School graduates have been accepted and attended here.

Does Desiderata School/DERRC accept donations?

Yes! We can accept monetary donations, donation of electronics and laptops, as well as items like printer paper, ink, tissues, pencils, erasers, Expo markers, etc. As DERRC is a 501c3 you will receive a tax deductible receipt for each item/amount donated.

Does Desiderata School specialize in working with students who have ADD/ADHD?

The short answer is no, this is not a specialty we offer. However, there are characteristics of our program that can help students with the management of these challenges. For example, encouraging students to work at their own pace, without a penalty for taking more time to complete an assignment, can help mitigate some of the anxieties that come with ADD/ADHD. Our class sessions are only 60 minutes. Students can walk, take deep breaths, or stretch as needed (within reason) to help themselves refocus - students are always encouraged to self-advocate. In addition, our small group sizes can help students stay on task as there is always an instructor/staff member nearby to talk through a challenge, assess student needs, and offer suggestions.