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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Umbrella School?
    An umbrella school serves as an easy way to satisfy state requirements. Students are legally considered private school students but parents choose and implement the curriculum of their choice, retaining complete control over their child's education.
  • Do I need to submit a notice of intent to homeschool?
    No. Students enrolled in an umbrella school program are private school students , so a notice of intent is not required. Umbrella school students are not subject to homeschool law.
  • What reporting is required?
    Desiderata School requires monthly attendance and semester reporting consisting of a list of courses completed and grades earned.
  • When can students enroll?
    Desiderata School has year round enrollment.
  • Can homeschoolers outside of Colorado enroll?
    Yes, all homeschoolers are welcome! Desiderata School will handle record keeping and all students are eligible for official transcripts and an accredited diploma. Enrollment satisfies Colorado's requirements only, those outside of Colorado are responsible for following their local requirements.
  • Is Desiderata School accredited?
    Yes. Desiderata School is fully accredited by The National Commission for Exceptional Schools. The NCES is recognized as an accreditation agency by The Federal Department of Education as well as The Colorado Department of Education. You can read about their Accreditation Standards here.
  • Can my student attend a university with a diploma from Desiderata School?
    Yes! You can see a full list of Colleges and Universities where Desiderata School graduates have been accepted and attended here.
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