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Summer 2018 Offerings

Core Classes: 3 hours per day for core class coursework, skill retention exercises, and small group instruction/tutoring. ​

Intro to Economics:  This will help students develop economic awareness and an awareness of resources and trade. Utilize discussion, worksheets, and Internet activities. Students will be introduced to supply and demand, the government's effects on economic behavior, the economic cycle, and global trade. 


Greek/Roman Mythology:  Discussions and activities that develop higher-level thinking skills through mythological stories, maps, charts, crossword puzzles, quizzes, and worksheets. Course covers topics such as mythology, geography, history, and creative writing.


Core Classes: $900.00 

One Elective:$350.00

Intro to Economics + Greek/Roman Mythology: $675.00 

Core Classes + Intro to Economics + Greek/Roman Mythology: Cost is $1500.00



**Summer Enrollment Paperwork can be found here.

Summer 2018 Schedule

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